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PTA Newsletter - Autumn 1 - 2021


A new school year is upon us again and we would like to welcome all new parents/carers who have joined the school this year.

2020/21 was a year of many challenges and we would like to thank all parents/carers who supported the PTA either with activities or donations despite our events schedule being somewhat reduced!

We would also like to thank teachers and staff for their support over this difficult year and keeping our children engaged and positive.

New Team!

We are delighted to announce the PTA has new Co-Chairs. Nicky Davies & Louise Succar have very kindly stepped into the roles.

Nicky has a son in Year 5 and Louise has daughters in year 1 & 5.

Thank you Louise & Nicky!

Thank you!

A big thank you to former Chair Caroline McNamara for all her hard work and dedication to the PTA over the years, and to PTA Secretary Sarah Scott and Sponsorship Manager Celine de Cosnac who have also stepped down. They have all done amazing work in raising much needed funds for the school and creating fun events for parents/carers and the children.

Thank you Caroline, Sarah & Celine!

Launching Belleville PTA’s eco team! We’re excited to announce that we are setting up sustainability focused group within the PTA. We have recruited a number of parents who passionate about sustainability to support the PTA and the school with becoming more eco-friendly. We’ll be using their skills to:

  • - advise from a sustainability perspective on all PTA events and activities

  • - support biodiversity within the school grounds

  • - fundraise using green initiatives

  • - help educate our children on the environment and the importance of sustainability

As part of this initiative, we’ll be looking for volunteers to pick up a paint brush or garden spade and get hands on with making the schools outside spaces more eco-friendly and engaging for our children. More information on this group and its initiatives to come. In the meantime, if you have a particular interest in this space then let us know: