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PTA Spring Update - May 2021

Updated: May 27, 2021

Exciting news about the playground improvements!

We are hugely thrilled and excited to announce that we are very close to signing off a deal to execute the playground improvements at the Webb's location. Meteor was very fortunate to have had their playgrounds developed with the help of the PTA several years ago and we are pleased to say that Webb’s is now catching up. Plans will include three fabulous new structures in EACH of the playgrounds, new flooring in some areas, additional planting and artwork. This is an enormous undertaking in terms of planning, construction and expense.

We have been very lucky to have run many successful events prior to the lockdowns, which means we have been able to call on these funds to not only pay for our typical investments and recent new ones (details below), but also to nearly pay for the playground development.

The playground refurbishment will cost a whopping c£100k. Between the playground and the annual fixed expenditures that we incur each and every year, we have a shortfall of around £33k. We have £97k in the bank - made up of income from previous events such as the Promises Auction in 2019, the fairs, discos, quiz, summer party etc - and we need around £30k a year to honour our annual commitments (music, leavers, educational material). But fear not, as we have some plans to fill this gap and you will all be instrumental in making Belleville the best it can be, by getting involved as usual.


Fundraising and Investments Update

This year we have been able to raise over £17,000. While this achievement is to be celebrated, the fact is this is a drastic drop in revenue as compared to previous years. Despite this, we have managed to fund several great initiatives for our children:

Now Press Play We are pretty sure your children will have mentioned this much loved educational resource. Headsets with an immersive audio / drama experience are provided for every year group. Children listen to the sounds of an air raid when studying WW2 as they imagine life as an evacuee, hearing the rumble of Vesuvius and the concern of Londoners during the Great Fire of London - for example. Getting a taste of these experiences bring their lessons to life.

Music Programme We are one of very few state schools to offer professional music lessons to the extent that we do. We employ Wandsworth Music to loan instruments and teach every Year 4 child how to read music and play an instrument with weekly lessons. In a normal year - this ends with a concert at the Royal Festival Hall.

Home learning kits These were the very well-received packs of paper, pens, pencils, white boards, text books etc provided during lockdown.

Digital thermometers Used by the school to check the temperature of children.

Year 6 Leavers For every child’s final year, the PTA have a host of events and souvenirs to mark the end of their primary school life. Many have been at Belleville from being 3 years old and we like to send them off with as many happy memories as possible. This year is of course a bit different due to the separate bubbles but the school are doing what they can (they have some plans that they will be sharing) and the PTA are working closely with them.

  • Hoodies: As it stands all year 6 children will be able to order a leaver’s hoody for which we will ask for a contribution / donation to be paid online.

  • Souvenir and disco: They will all each get a personalised gift and we very much hope to be able to go ahead with a disco for the whole year. Provisional date of 22 July at 5.30pm - please pencil it in!

  • Picnic: Following the flash mob dance there will be a Y6 picnic held on Wandsworth Common for parents and kids to all come together for one last time - off school premises. The PTA will bring a treat for every child.

Here is a breakdown of the investments and money raised this school year, so far:


Upcoming PTA Events

So, things have started to look up finally and we are all getting back int