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About Us

Read more about who we are and what we do.


The Belleville PTA is a charity run by volunteer parents and carers at Belleville Primary School. We are made up of trustees, event managers / volunteers and class reps - all of whom have generously donated time and energy to help improve our school and community.

We would love for you to get involved. Any amount of time you can give is precious. You could help run an event, do a regular one-off task, take on a more meaty project or just help out at one of our many events. 


The PTA is a multifaceted organisation with three main responsibilities: building community through fun events, fostering communication and most importantly, fundraising and identifying (with the school) ways we can improve the educational and recreational life of our children.

Over the years we have organised hundreds of events and raised many thousands of pounds - all of which will be spent on improving equipment and facilities in the school and expanding school offerings.

Belleville PTA is a registered charity: 270097

PTA Committee

The committee is primarily responsible for ensuring that all activities are carried out for the benefit of the school and that the funds are used in the best possible way. We work all year round and are involved in every initiative. From supporting event teams, running events, managing marketing and communications, branding, using technology to create efficiency, managing lucrative partnerships, paying invoices, filing accounts and constantly looking for improvement opportunities.

  • Abby Minns - Co-Chair (Meteor)

  • Laura Bassett - Co-Chair (Webbs)

  • Kate Walsh - Treasurer

  • Alicia Murtoff - PTA Secretary

  • Annelies Gabriels - Communications

  • Emily Edwards - Sponsorship 

  • Lilly Hanson - Diversity & Inclusion

  • Taikwan (TK) Wright & Adri Szopian - Technology


Our focus is on the following:

  • Fundraising: Our primary responsibility is to raise funds for the benefit of Belleville school. Throughout the years, we have raised thousands of pounds which have been invested into making school life that bit better. 

  • Events: At Belleville, we believe that our PTA should bring the children, staff and parents together socially. Our events are incredibly popular and well-received. No doubt due to the incredible time and energy given by our trustees and volunteers.

  • Communication: All official PTA communications go through this website, Instagram, and Classlist. Classlist can also be used by parents to connect with other parents at Belleville. In addition, each class will have one or more Class Reps who will serve as a point of contact between the PTA and your class.


Class reps, event managers and volunteers, school staff are what makes our PTA so successful. Thank you to everyone who takes the extra time and energy out of their already busy lives and puts it into making every year a success.

Recent Investments

Outdoor Learning Spaces

PTA funded the renovation of the outdoor learning spaces for all Reception classes. We invested in new flooring, three-sided easels, storage cupboards and learning aids.

Education Aids

Purchased quality replicas of historical objects and Now>Press>Play audio content to aid learning and bring lessons to life. For example, children will be able to handle a leather bucket and helmet from the Great Fire of London and listen to the chaos in the streets. Classes have also received items such as skeletons and other objects for science. This is being added to, each term.

Year 4 Music Programme

Every child chooses a string, brass or woodwind instrument and has a weekly music lesson with professionals from The Wandsworth Music Programme. We are lucky to have this opportunity as it is rare to find such a programme in state schools.

Webb's Rd Playground

Last year we began planning a playground redevelopment. Progress was halted with the lockdown, but is now up and running again. Look out for further announcements of what will be a staged redevelopment while we continue to raise funds for this major investment.

Mini Bus Repairs

Mini buses purchased a number of years ago were due for repairs. PTA helped to make sure they were in top condition to transport our precious children.

Other Acquisitions

  • 15,000 books purchased for guided reading material

  • 100 iPads

  • Ten infrared thermometers

  • Home learning kits

  • Belleville customised team kits for competitions - gymnastics, football, dance

  • Year 6 Leavers - special gifts and events

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