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What We Do

The PTA is a multifaceted organisation with a focus on: building community through fun events, fundraising in order to improve school life and fostering communication between parents/carers, teachers and school administration. 

Over the years we have organised hundreds of events and raised many thousands of pounds - all of which will be spent on improving equipment and facilities in the school and expanding school offerings.

Belleville PTA is a registered charity: 270097



Our primary responsibility is to raise funds for the benefit of Belleville school. Throughout the years, we have raised thousands of pounds which have been invested into making school life that bit better - see some of them here. We take advantage of multiple fundraising channels. Our primary source of income are the many wonderful, fun events, both little and large. We also seek sponsorships from friendly local businesses, EasyFundraising and AmazonSmile donation schemes, as well as corporate match funding. We also happily accept direct donations which are eligible for Gift Aid.


At Belleville, we believe that our PTA should bring the children, staff and parents together socially. Our events are incredibly popular and well-received. No doubt due to the incredible time and energy give by our trustees and volunteers. Some of the favourites are our Christmas and Summer Fairs, Quiz Nights, Discos and Fun Runs. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have had to scale back this year but we are working hard to bring you some cheer where we can. Check out our events page to see what's upcoming. We are always looking for new ways to bring the community together, so let us know if you have ideas!

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The PTA has a number of ways to keep you all connected and informed about the goings-on at Belleville. All official PTA communications go through the website and the Classlist app. Classlist can also be used by parents to connect with other parents at Belleville. In addition, each class will have one or more Class Reps who will serve as a point of contact between the PTA and your class. The reps organise social events that will bring the class parents together and help facilitate various PTA-run activities.

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