Who We Are

The Belleville PTA is a charitable organisation run by volunteer parents and carers at Belleville School. We are made up of trustees, event managers/ volunteers and class reps - all of whom have generously donated time and energy to help improve our school and community.

We would love for you to get involved. Any amount of time you can give is precious. You could help run an event, do a regular one-off task, take on a more meaty project or just help out at one of our many events. 



Trustees are the voting committee members of the PTA. They are primarily responsible for ensuring that all activities are carried out for the benefit of the school and that the funds are used in the best possible way. Trustees work all year round and are involved in every initiative. From supporting event teams, running events, managing marketing and communications, branding, using technology to create efficiency, managing lucrative partnerships, paying invoices, filing accounts and constantly looking for improvement opportunities.

Caroline Farmer McNamara

PTA Chair

Pablo Orvananos


Stephanie Reitzel Gray


Sarah Scott

PTA Secretary

Celine De cosnac


Taikwan (TK) Wright



Thank You!

Event Managers, Volunteers and School Staff 2020-21

Parents and carers and school staff are what makes our PTA so successful. Thank you to everyone who takes the extra time and energy out of their already busy lives and puts it into making every year a success.

This term the PTA would like to highlight the following people for their contributions:

Belleville School Staff

Baki Gashi, Alexandra Turnbull, Maria Petrou, Judith Hake, Joanne Sultan

Classlist Ambassadors

Julian Basch
Anna Cao

Graphic Designer

Charlotte Jenouri

Playground Update

Camila Forero

PTA Costume Library

Emily Lai, Virginia Falcon

IQ Christmas Cards

Susan Mulcahy

Class Calendars

Christine Glauerdt

Christmas Shopping Event
& Advent Calendar

Katherine Brennan, Anna Henson, Helen Russell Smith, Jo Thompson

Christmas Raffle

Burcu Turkoglu

Christmas Tree Sale

Louise Succar, Iby Succar, Neal McMinn, Curtis Jenouri, John Campbell, Si Thompson